27/10/2014 Smolensk NPP is ready for the autumn-winter period

27/10/2014  Smolensk NPP is ready for the autumn-winter period

This conclusion is made on the audit committee, which was held at a nuclear plant. Its membership includes representatives of "Rosenergoatom" Smolensk regional supervisory control, the regional department of state power supervision and colleagues from the Kola NPP.

The Commission assessed the readiness for operation of the main plant equipment, utilities and facilities, trained personnel. Experts analyzed the production and technical documentation, job descriptions, organizational and administrative documents.

Additionally, in the course of the commission has been audited by the organization and holding of general emergency training of operating personnel for actions under severe frost.

- The inspection found no violations that prevent the nuclear facility in the autumn and winter - said committee chairman Yevgeny Shvetsov, Chief Expert of the security controls and production "Rosenergoatom". - The Board found that the basic and additional conditions are satisfied and ready considers possible issue of Smolensk NPP passport ready for the autumn-winter period 2014-2015 gg.

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