The township of nuclear professionals – Desnogorsk – appeared on the map of Smolensk region on February,26th 1974. On October, 31st 1989 Desnogorsk was granted the status of town.

Desnogorsk is a beautiful modern town with the population more than 32 thousands people and with all the social, work and leisure conditions created.  Culture, education, medicine centers, landline and mobile communications, internet, public transport, trade enterprises – all is available for the population of Desnogorsk. There is also local cable and satellite TV, radio station, newspapers, kindergartens, schools, technical colleges, branches of higher education institutes, central and kids’ libraries, Parlors of  Culture, history museum, war history museum, yachting club, boxing club, skate-park, sports and health center “Desna”, stadiums, football fields. The center of Desnogorsk is remarkable for the Cathedral “Joy of all who Sorrow” being the second largest orthodox cathedral in Smolensk region.

Not far from the town there is Smolensk NPP health center “Clearing in the wood”.

Desnogorsk was granted the status of “High social accountability town”. The name of our town is engraved in the plate which is laid in the Alley of Glory in the park of 850 years anniversary of Moscow.